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Bring your product to life through spectacular recipes and images - let's work together. Showcase your product, brand or appliance by inspiring customers.

As a recipe developer, I aim to deliver recipes that have a lasting impact for a brand- food that people will not forget and will want to cook. I like to make simple food and ingredients look new and exciting whilst inventive meals must seem achievable for everyone.


Asian Inspired Vegan Ketogenic Recipes

Brief: To create a collection of Asian inspired vegan ketogenic meals for a private client including breakfasts, snacks and main meals. Liaising with the clients dietician, each meal had to meet personalised and very specific macronutrient ratios and calorie numbers.


Project: Using Cronometer to 'design' the meals to meet the specific requirements and then testing in the kitchen for taste. Written recipes along with precise preparation instructions and images were delivered to enable the family’s private chef to exactly recreate the meals and specific macronutrient rations.

Recipes Included: Smoked Tofu & Broccolini Strifry on Konjac Noodles, Kimchi Fried Konjac Rice, Pak Choy & Silken Tofu in Shiitake Coconut Broth, Bang Bang Mushroom Noodle Salad with Ginger Tahini Dressing, Hemp & Almond Porridge, Scrambled Tofu & Ginger Tomatoes on Seeded Keto Bread and Chocolate Peanut Mousse.

Luya Bio

Summer Recipes

Brief: To create a series of summer themed recipes to demostrate the versatility of Luya as a vegan meat alternative. Using three of the different flavoured products, the recipes had to encompass the philosphy of the brand which is that it tastes amazing, is colourful, easy to prepare and is nutritious. 


Project: Five recipes where created to cover different use cases including a Sunday family dinner, easy and fast mid week meal, a take-to-work meal, romantic dinner and Luya-on-the-go. Along with written recipes, sets of images for each recipe and ‘how to make’ videos were delivered for use on the company’s website and social media channels.


Recipes included: The Ultimate Vegan Sandwich, Luya, Leek & Spinach Filo Pie, Luya Rainbow Noodle Salad, Indian Luya Curry and a Luya Poke Bowl.



vegan meal kits

Project: In collaboration with ve.cook, I developed a number of recipes aimed at demonstrating the culinary offering and versatility of this start ups 5 different vegan meal kits. 


Recipes, photographs and short videos were used to inspire potential customers and communicate the brands unique offering which was healthy, convenient and fast meals.


Recipes Included: Vegan Green Fried Rice with Pickled Cucumber Relish, Baked Mushroom ‘Mince’ Pappardelle, Chilli sin Carne Tacos with Black Beans and Spicy Corn Salsa and Mediterranean Style Stuffed Peppers and Vegan Feta.

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