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retreat chef


Delivering food for wellness retreats was when I really fell in love with food, more than 8 years ago. I love how transformative a retreat can be for people and I love to be apart of that when guests sit at the table. I am always excited create a retreat menu that reflects the feel or focus of a trip and its leader, incorporating local seasonal produce to inspire and excite guests. 


Whether its vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, Ayurvedic or anything in between, my food will always help to make your retreat stand out. Interesting, vibrant, comforting and nourishing, guests will look forwards to what they will experience at their next mealtime.


I have run a retreat venue, organised my own retreats and been a chef for instructors across Europe, so I understand the energy, love and sensitivity required to make your vision for a retreat come to life.


If you would like to include a food workshop on a retreat, I can offer programmes such as sourdough baking, nutrition based cooking, vegan cuisine or seasonal eating.


I charge a day rate which includes travel days, and ingredients and travel costs are to be paid by the organiser.

"Over the 10 years that I have been running yoga holidays, this one had the best food- thank you so much Skye for your wonderful cooking."


Angela Roberts, Yoga Instructor

"Healthy & delicious meals. Skye's (vegan) cooking is probably the best food that I have ever had!"

Alexandra O'brian, guest

"Skye is supremely talented & produced a truly gastronomic feast every night. The food simply got better & better every night & we all went to bed feeling as if we'd died & gone to heaven."


Sonja, guest

"The food & menus were beyond amazing. If only I could take every recipe home with me, I'd be a veggie for life!"

Louise Robey, guest

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