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skye saker cook book and more

'and more' a vegetarian cookbook filled with bright & inspiring meals. Layering textures, flavours and colours, dishes draw inspiration from European, Middle Eastern, Indian and Asian cuisine, and will revive your ideas about vegetarian  cooking.

'and more' has been reprinted and is now back in stock with limited numbers. Shipping is available within the UK and Switzerland through this website. Alternatively the ebook is available to purchase and download now.

50 full vegetarian meals
20 stunning desserts
breads, bakes & salads


"....'and more' is not just another cook book, it is a delight to read and an even bigger delight to taste. I love it.


From the moment you pick it up, to the moment the dish is on your plate you feel nurtured and nourished by the author. Full of the most delicious and easy to prepare foods, each recipe delivers something new and would satisfy the most ardent meat lovers, I know, I have one! As all the dishes are broken down into sections, it's easy to mix and match, creating a library of individual dishes. " Nicole Addis

I am so excited to now be able to share my style of vegetarian food with you. 'and more' is a collection of complete vegetarian dishes as well as bakes, desserts and sides. They are not complicated dishes but it is creative food which layers flavours, textures and colours, taking influence from all corners of the culinary world.

For this book to be going out into the world is like a dream coming to life. When I started putting recipes together during the first pandemic lockdown I didn't expect the end result to be a 200 page cookbook. The journey of creating, testing, trialing, writing, photographing and designing has been incredible.

Recipes are those that I have developed and served in villas, on yoga retreats, cycling camps, hiking trips and for my own family and friends. This is the food that I love, plates that are bright, fresh and inspiring. I hope it will offer you new ways to enjoy vegetarian cooking and find a central spot in your kitchen.

Thank you so much for being here. Please feel free to contact me via email or social media for any cooking related questions, to bulk order, for stocking the book or just for a chat!