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As a Nutritional Therapist, I can work with you to optimise your health by assessing your current diet and addressing health concerns.

I do not provide 'diets' but work towards including more in your diet. With a specialist focus on gut health as the central point for overall health and wellbeing 

I am also a Plant Forward Nutritional Specialist meaning that if you are looking to transition towards a more vegetarian or vegan diet, I can help you. Together we can journey through the steps, reducing or eliminating animal products, in a healthy, balanced way that ensures you are meeting all your nutritional needs as well as making sustainable, long term changes to your desired goal diet.


not Elimination

Gut Health for Overall Health


Plant Focussed Plates

Eating & Cooking


Where to start?

Step 1

Let's schedule a free 15 minute introduction call.

In this first contact we can get to know each other a little bit. There is no obligation to move forwards after this call but it is an opportunity for you to explain your health concerns and goals, let me know a little  about your life, ask questions and understand my approach.


I want you to feel comfortable and confident in what I am able to offer you and your decision to work with me.

A little work for you

Step 2


Following our first call, if you would like to move forwards together the first thing will be a little work from you as I will ask you to do a Food Diary. This is where you will note down everything you eat and drink for at least 7 days as well as lifestyle elements such a sleep pattern and life routine. The more details the better!


Bespoke Nutrition Plan

Step 3 


Based on my analysis of your food diary, I will create a customised Nutrition Plan for you that will aim to fit into YOUR lifestyle. It will include specific foods that you should include more of, nutrition areas to focus on, lifestyle tips and tricks, how to maximise the nutrition of your food and ways to make eating well easy and sustainable.


This isn’t a one-size-fits-all plan, it is a bespoke plan just for you and aims to help you develop and maintain healthy, enjoyable eating patterns.

1 hour Zoom Consultation.

Together we will go through the nutrition plan in detail. This will give you the opportunity to ask any questions, clarify any uncertianties and to make sure you are fully set up to implement the plan.


3 Weeks of WhatsApp support

Once you have started the plan, I will be (virtually) by your side for the following three weeks. You’ll have the opportunity to contact me via Whatsapp to answer any questions, provide ongoing food suggestions for you to keep inspired and also much needed encouragement. I want you to succeed so this additional support will further ease your path to better health and nutrition. 


Bespoke Nutrition Plan created for you to help optimise your health, reach your goals and feel empowered. With one hour Zoom consultation and 3 weeks of Whatsapp support.

£280 / CHF 300

The first step is easy... make contact: email now

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