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Plant forward, seasonal, nutritionally focussed


As a passionate chef, caterer, recipe developer and Nutritional Therapist, I am in love with food and, in particular, plants.

I think plants are beautiful, food is exciting, nutrition is empowering and our health is everything. Cooking, for me, ties this all together.

So whether you are looking for a chef for your retreat or holiday, are wanting to take control of your health and diet, need bright and creative recipes of your business or are in search of a cookbook with a little something different… I am here to help.


nutritional focus


plant forward cooking

Bringing my love for delivering plant focussed dining experiences to your table whether that be in a private home or wellness retreat by highlighting local, seasonal produce and flavours. I can cater for events and holidays in the Bernese Oberland, Switzerland specifically as well as across Europe.

Join me here...

Mallorca Retreat

5th - 9th June 2024

From our favourite corner of Mallorca, my sister and I bring you this meaningful holistic yoga experience. Focussing on physical movement and whole body nutrition.


In Your Kitchen

Summer 2024

If you are spending time in the Interlaken area this summer, contact me for your catering needs.


This is for you, Mama 
Day Retreat

29th June 2024


A day for mind, body and soul specially for Mamas. Retreat to the Bernese Oberland to reconnect and re-energise.

Skye Saker recipe developer and private chef

and more
the cookbook

'and more' is a vegetarian cookbook filled with bright and inspiring meals. Layering textures, flavours and colours, dishes draw inspiration from European, Middle Eastern, Indian and Asian cuisine, and will alter your perception of plant focussed cooking. The book is a culmination of favourite recipes and dishes developed over my years working as a private chef in vilas, yachts, for yoga retreats, ski holidays and cycling camps.

'and more' is available to order as a hard back book and e-version now through this website.



catering &
private chef

3 Things about me

1. My favourite thing to cook for myself is noodles and tofu topped with excessive amounts of coriander.

2. I have two little girls. The older one loves Marmite as much as I do and it makes me very proud.

3. We have things growing in our kitchen: sourdough starters, kombucha, micro greens, sprouts, nut cheeses.

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