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Skye Saker recipe developer and private chef

If you are here, it is because you love food.

I am a passionate chef and plant-based recipe developer, food photographer, and Nutritional Therapist. I am English now living in Switzerland.


My heart lies in the creativity and endless inspiration found in vegetarian and vegan cooking. Plants are powerful in so many ways and making best use of them in our kitchen is an important starting point to unleashing that power. 


nutrition journeys

Next up in the seasonal series of Interactive Nutrition Journeys:
The Winter Immune Edition : begins 8th January 2024

This is a 28 day journey through Winter providing seasonal recipes, nutrient highlights, interactive content and supportive tricks to maximise your health and immune system.

Rather than a big diet bang, this journey offers a series of inspiring, informative and exciting nutrition sparkles carefully designed to enhance your diet and lifestyle in a fun way.

Skye Saker recipe developer and private chef

recipe development

Creative recipes to make your brand or company stand out and excite customers.
Needing unique recipes along with mouth-watering images or demonstrative videos to showcase your products, brand or equipment?
I'm here to help with that.

Skye Saker recipe developer and private chef


As a Nutritional Therapist, Plant Forward Nutritional Specialist and a chef I am passionate about dietary change in the most inspiring way possible. I am here to help whether you have a specific nutritional goal or illness you would like to address through diet, if you would like to move towards a plant focussed diet in a healthy sustainable way, or to work with your own dietician to create a meal plan and recipes that make even the strictest of diets incredible. 



Catering for yoga and wellness retreats makes my heart sing.

Bringing my love for delivering plant focussed dining experience to your 
retreat by highlighting local, seasonal produce and flavours. I can cater for retreats within Switzerland specifically as well as across Europe.

and more
the cookbook

'and more' is a vegetarian cookbook filled with bright and inspiring meals. Layering textures, flavours and colours, dishes draw inspiration from European, Middle Eastern, Indian and Asian cuisine, and will alter your perception of plant focussed cooking. The book is a culmination of favourite recipes and dishes developed over my years working as a private chef in vilas, yachts, for yoga retreats, ski holidays and cycling camps.

'and more' is available to order as a hard back book and e-version now through this website.

Skye Saker recipe developer and private chef


Feel free to contact me to discuss any food related ideas or needs by email, Whatsapp or calling.   |   +41 079 830 8801

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Skye Saker recipe developer and private chef
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